Pumpkin Soup

Sitting at work, trying to decide on a use for this leftover Thanksgiving pie pumpkin (yes, I’m still trying to use up leftover Thanksgiving ingredients), I turned to my co-worker, Anita, and said “Pumpkin soup.” She seconded the idea which is more than enough encouragement for me. No, I’ve never eaten pumpkin soup and I didn’t have a recipe or even bother to look for one. But, hey I’ve made carrot soup and butternut squash soup, surely it couldn’t be more difficult right? However, I am a little short on creativity this week since it’s all going into the papers due this final week of classes. Considering my expectations for this were only to get it made and not have it be junk food, it turned out pretty well and smelled great. But, it is something I still want to work on because the flavor wasn’t quite right. Maybe more of a pumpkin-leek or pumpkin-pear or…something. You might say why not find a recipe, why not make something else that is a recipe? Well, the answer is I’m not allowed. I’m working on cooking self-restraint. I’m allowed to cook, but I’m not allowed to spend a lot of time on it as a form of procrastination. (Which is also why this is a very short post.) I thought about making other dishes this evening, but this one fit into the right-amount-of-work graph. The soup is left to cook on its own while the pumpkin roasts and while it simmers with the broth. Which is time I then spend writing.  Even frying the sage leaves took all of 1 minute. It was also surprisingly filling.

So, a challenge, what will you do differently?

Pumpkin Soup

1 pie pumpkin
Olive oil
½ onion, chopped
Several fresh sage leaves
1 ½ c vegetable broth
½ T butter
Goat cheese, dollop

Cut pumpkin in quarters, scoop out seeds. If you would like reserve the seeds, roast them and use them as a garnish for the soup. Rub pumpkin with olive oil and season with salt, pepper and paprika. Roast in 350° oven until tender. In a medium-sized pot, heat olive oil and start sautéing onions. Chop up one large sage leaf and add to onion. Cook until tender. Scoop out pumpkin flesh add to pot and add in vegetable broth. This is a guess on how much broth; I just took the carton and started pouring. Puree pumpkin and broth mixture. Let simmer for about 20 minutes or so. Adjust seasonings as you wish. In a small skillet heat butter. When hot add remaining sage leaves and fry, flipping once for about a minute. Remove. Pour soup into bowl, top with dollop of goat cheese and sage leaves.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Soup

  1. Since this is not a totally vegetarian dish, what with the dollop…I think some crispy bacon would be a nice addition. And you can never go wrong with leeks … or capers.


  2. Refreshing blog. My co-workers and I were just talking about this the other night. Also your webpage looks nice on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Keep it up.


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