Such a Fool

If this is what it means to be a fool then I will always be one.

Solemnly I pledge to always frolic through the house to loud music, put everything off to the last minute just to see what happens, pay less attention to the game in order to win and to eat deliciously rich and simple desserts.

For a week now I’ve known that I needed to bring an Irish dessert to my parents for St. Patrick’s Day. My family has a tradition of making Reuben’s on this Irish holiday because only my name comes from the isle of green, our heritage is much more German. Yup, we try to truly live the melting pot.  I volunteered for dessert because I wanted to make something with Guinness. After a whole bunch of initial internet searching I realized that the puddings sounded hard and I didn’t feel like creaming butter for a cake. Being me I waited until the day before to run into the library, grab the last Irish cookbook off their shelves and look for the simplest dessert. Austin’s week of gorgeous weather has me wanting to do anything but coop up myself in a kitchen. I had to make it tolerable by cranking up Gaelic Storm and drinking a Guinness. Yes, this counts towards my original plan.

Amazingly I didn’t change anything about the way this was made. Since three Fools are included in the cookbook this obviously isn’t a set in stone kind of recipe.

Strawberry and Baileys Fool
from The Irish Heritage Cookbook by Margaret M. Johnson
and she got it from the head chef at Hibernian Hotel in Easmoreland Place, Dublin, David Foley

2 cups strawberries
2 cups whipping cream
1/2 cup Baileys Irish Cream

Hull strawberries. Reserve six. Puree strawberries. Whip cream until stiff peaks forms. Add Baileys and half of strawberry puree into whipped cream. Fold until well blended. Starting with cream alternate layers of cream and strawberry puree into pretty glasses. Top with sliced strawberries.

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