Everything’s better covered in chocolate

Learned wisdom should be shared. A family friend once passed on a bit of wisdom from another: kids are cute because they’re so much work. Without the cute factor all of the screaming, whining, feeding, changing, chauffeuring would be impossible. Now, if you’re not a parent this also applies to other things…say pets. Here is a permanent border that takes and takes — food, toys, time, vet bills, flea medicines and pays nothing, but somehow getting to scratch a furry head makes it all worth it. Now, two good friends of mine are new parents. Their daughter is beautiful in that adorable squinched up baby kind of way. They are happy beyond anything, but tired because a baby is a lot of work.

Or, in other words you have to take the sweet with the salty. Yes, this seems a stretch, but stay with me. The salt is unavoidable, necessary to life. The sweet — technically no. Realistically, yes it is very necessary.

Speaking of first, this is the first time I’ve ever bought pretzels. I don’t like them. My own parents passed down many words of wisdom — like watching Masterpiece Theater is a great way to spend Sunday evening and chocolate makes everything better. I’ve eaten a lot of foods — though certainly not all of them — covered in chocolate. But, I’ll take a chance and say that most likely everything’s better.

While I had never bought a bag of pretzels before this week, I have gobbled down so many of the chocolate covered variety that I decided my grocery budget needed to start making my own. Yes, this week is a sweetly simple recipe. Hardly a recipe, more learned wisdom.

I would suggest aiming for a really gourmet bag of pretzels. I chose a sourdough pretzel. They’re pretty good…though better with chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

In the lower half of a double boiler (a bowl rested on top of a pot) simmer water. Pour chocolate chips into top half of double boiler and set over water. After a couple of minutes, stir or whisk chocolate until smooth. Remove from heat. Dip pretzels into chocolate. Remove to wax paper set on a baking sheet. When finished place pretzels in the fridge to harden. Eat.

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