Coffee Granita and Croissants

There is a little bit of the geek in me. I’ve tried my best to pound it out, but haven’t been very successful. Star Trek has been a large, if shunned, part of my life. The shunned part means I rarely admit to knowing that “to boldly go where no man has gone before” was replaced with “where no one has gone before”.  Or, that the Klingon language supposedly doesn’ t have the verb “to be”. Or, that I can make the Vulcan “V”. Or, that I didn’t have to verify most of the facts listed throughout.

Out of the 5 Star Trek franchises only The Next Generation ignites tender feelings probably since it’s just sort of always been there. In the same way technology has also become a part of my life, even though I did my best to beat that down, too. Five years ago I had neither the internet, nor a computer, nor a digital camera, nor a portable music device. Blogging was a waste of time. Texting was a waste of money. It was awkward sometimes, but overall sort of refreshing.  Once (after eating a breakfast including coffee and croissants) I told a friend I was moving back to the 18th century.

I didn’t make it. Unwittingly technology just started showing up around my house, like these little Star Trek reminders. That flip phone (my phone of preference) looks a lot like a tricorder. Touch screen technology looks sort of similar, too. To be honest I think this idea originated with a movie critique heard on the radio, but I wholeheartedly agree with it as a chicken and egg truth.

Recently a friend posted a YouTube montage on Facebook of Picard ordering “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” As pop culture online social networking sites I have tried to shun both of these as well, but a convergence of all three pulled me in like a black hole. I clicked.

Star Trek spent a lot of time eating, drinking and ordering food, but season 7, episode 8 “Attached” has always stuck in my mind. In it Picard and Crusher are attached at the cerebral cortex to each others psy-wave patterns. Really — “psy-wave patterns” — I looked this one up. While forced to read each other’s unintentional thoughts they discover that “coffee and croissants” is the simple breakfast of choice for both. Which is simple with a replicator. I, whose motto is “it’s really not that difficult” found out that croissants are time-consuming. Too time-consuming to fall properly on the time vs. expected pleasure graph when having to factor in that these would be made either late at night after work or early in the morning before work.

Now coffee, a cherished and promoted part of my life, scored high. Even the fancier coffee granita.

I realize this is the second granita, but granita is so intrinsically awesome, I feel obliged to promote it. Again, the recipe included complicated stirring instructions which I still don’t understand the purpose of. When searching for a recipe I found several that top the ice crystals with whipped cream. Some that preferred the Scottish method. And many that were just coffee and sugar. Though I drink my coffee black I prefer this one that includes the cream as part of the granita.

Coffee Granita

based on Cappuccino Granita from

4 cups double strength brewed coffee (the measured kind not the side of the coffee pot kind)
½ cup sugar
¼ heavy cream

Combine all ingredients together. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Freeze, stirring a couple times, in a roasting pan or dish of some sort. Use a fork to scrape up ice crystals from the surface, spoon into bowl or mug and serve.

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