Summer To Do List: 1) Cantaloupe Popsicles

There is a To Do List on my refrigerator. It has things like Make Car Payment and Clean Bathtub. This is my obligatory To Do List. The piece of paper the list is written onto has been up there a couple weeks. The To Do items have been up there a lot longer. At some point I take the list off to take with me, cross something off of it and the paper never makes it back up. A few days later, a new list replaces it.

As a permanent fixture it’s primarily glanced over and every once in a while noticed. Such as on lazy weekend days when I do little more than search for something frozen to eat.

Then I sigh over that To Do List, and all the items that haven’t been done, the items that never even made it on and haven’t been done and how Summer is going by awfully fast. Normally, I’m not one to complain over this, but if one of  the To Do List items includes — Deciding whether or not to become extremely busy again by enrolling in classes for Fall semester in order to have more rewarding career — being in the midst of July isn’t good.  Not that the thought deters me from continuing to reach into the freezer…only to find nothing.

“Wait, mid-July and not a single popsicle in my freezer?” I wondered aloud. I pondered. I tapped my nails against the plastic door handle and realized the situation was even worse than that. “Mid-July and I haven’t eaten a single fruit popsicle this summer.”

Obviously, a new kind of To Do List needed to be made.

1 ) Eat popsicles
2 ) Go swimming in the lake/river/open natural body of water.

3 ) Become sunburned even after putting on sunscreen.
4 ) Eat chilled cantaloupe soup
5 ) Take a central Texas day trip

6 ) Wear floaty hippie summer dress
7 ) Learn the word “metonymy” when figuring out why WordPress insists “popsicle” is spelled incorrectly.

8 ) Finally learn to appreciate Austin summers despite the heat….maybe not

These popsicles were not what I intended. Cantaloupe and mint are awesome together and these were supposed to have that flavor, but the grocery store was all out of mint — it was Tuesday night, something had to be made. I grabbed a lime and headed home.

I am not always the best judge of the foods I make, especially ones I spend lots of time thinking about, so sometimes my taste buds say these are great and sometimes think they’re allright. As for the amounts, it is entirely based on how much I could fit into my little mini chop. If you have a big chop or one of those totally awesome stick blenders, whip yourself up more. Oh and as for the popsicle shape it is recommended to use little paper cups, though I prefer ice cube trays. I had neither.

Cantaloupe Popsicles

Half a cantaloupe
1-2 teaspoons lime juice, or to taste
1 tablespoon sugar, if desired

Puree all ingredients. Pour into molds. Freeze for a couple hours (or less depending on the size of the mold), then place wooden sticks in middle of each popsicle. Continue to freeze over night. Remove from mold and eat.

3 thoughts on “Summer To Do List: 1) Cantaloupe Popsicles

  1. Thanks for this one Brynne. I had forgotten how much I love popsicles or even more, fruit pops. So in my freezer now reside (as I impatiently wait for them to completely freeze), watermelon/lime, strawberry/lemonade and lime popsicles. So whenever you get a hankering you could just pop over and raid the freezer. These are the fruits I happened to have on hand. I hope they taste good.


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