Mustard Made at Home

Recently one of the worst possible possibilities happened…french fries started sounding less appetizing. Immediate action needed to be taken before it took serious hold. A break was needed, to make the heart grow fonder. Yes, yes such a silly idea.

Especially because earlier this week I became excited over potatoes being on sale. Then this rain came in with a front that made it possible to leave your  windows open and suddenly the real truth came forward. It wasn’t a break I needed, but to once again experience the smell of well-seasoned baked potato wedges filling my home. Going out is great, but all the same, I’m a bit of homebody and to a homebody nothing compares to in your own home.

Now, like many I like dipping my crispy potato wedges in ketchup. As a kid, I too, tipped the Heinz bottle over the plate of waiting fries and drizzled a web of sweet red ketchup over every golden rectangular prism. However, top of the top condiment choice for fry dipping is mustard.

One of the great things about mustard is the variety. It’s a condiment that needs room to grow on the refrigerator shelf (I know certain family members understand this). The other day I went to make myself a tomato and sprout sandwich and hesitated, dismayed over my mustard selection. Apparently I have not been nurturing these properly.

Making mustard takes a little planning, but is not difficult. Finding mustard seeds is aggravatingly difficult. This is why I already had a supply of black mustard seeds. I couldn’t find a recipe that called for just black mustard seeds and so started another yellow mustard seed search.

This is definitely one of those tangy, spicy ones that are dolloped onto sausage or baked cheese fries and cost a bit more than the everyday variety. One addition I would make to this batch is that of an herb. Right now my gut is leading towards mexican marigold mint or maybe thyme. I pulled ingredients and amounts from recipes found on Epicurious, Martha Stewart and Food Network.


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