Meals to Die By, no. 6

Today we will be traveling a far distance, a distance the religious amongst us may not feel to be far enough. Do not fear, we will be stopping just short of the double hockey sticks in order to rest in purgatory.

The idea of purgatory intrigues me because, as I understand, it is the place for lost souls; for those who are walking the line between heaven and hell, but the description seems a little closer to the latter.

I have tried reading Dante’s Inferno. I never even made it into Purgatorio.   The book has gained a place on the forever reading shelf. Kind of like purgatory for my books, surely — that is if a books purpose is to be read plus enjoyed then those that are enjoy heaven and those aren’t go to hell. It is possible, that some of my inability to finish Dante came from choosing the flowery translation of Longfellow.

Which was chosen because of Dante’s Club by Matthew Pearl. I’m a bit of a sucker for history. Throw in a few murders set just after the Civil War, include real authors as the unwitting investigators and base it all on another book…I was helpless to resist.  However, this book also stayed in the depths of fiery brimstone.

My favorite use of purgatory for purposes of entertainment is the TV movie Purgatory. Yup, another instance of murder, mayhem and manipulation of history for the purposes of fiction. Love it. Here, in the wild west, the most famous of famous outlaws attempt to follow a strict line of rules in order to make it into heaven. Which is when purgatory starts to sound a little less than appealing.

Since starting the Meals to Die By series I’m always on the lookout for a new death by food. To those who are unfamiliar with the series I come across as creepy, but hey, in the pursuit of passion or art or whatever. The moment a friend, Charlie, revealed the name of this dish my mind went “Ping!” Another post all ready to go though yolky eggs are generally not a part of my diet. Most of the recipes I found had the eggs swimming in a pool of tomato sauce — making for a rather gruesome image. However, the first description I heard of Eggs in Purgatory included vegetables. This is the way that sounded good, finding a recipe in this style was much more difficult, but not impossible. Potatoes, artichoke hearts and whatever vegetables you want were mentioned. I ended up with mushrooms.

Honestly, the dish was a little reminiscent of eggs with salsa. Which isn’t bad…just familiar.


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