Chocolate Fondue Because Your Opinion Counts

I work for an unnamed national company with a couple international ties. In some parts of the country people are called and asked to complete a survey. In some parts they are mailed this survey. In some parts they are handed it on the way out the door. Sometimes there are special, smiled upon projects to ask even more people more questions. Just in case anyone was missed a square box started popping up on the website. In my job I spend a lot of time on the website. Day after day I am asked to complete a brief survey to tell them what I think.


During my break I check my personal email ’cause maybe someone out there is talking to me. When I sign out of my personal account a box appears and follows me around the screen. It’s telling me that my opinion counts.

Again tempting…

I leave work and stop by a store, where on my way out I’m handed a receipt with a link to a survey asking for my opinion. If I fill out this online survey they will grant 20% off my next purchase.

Very tempting…

At home, I watch online TV. The site asks me to choose a commercial, it asks me if the commercials are relevant to me. Instead of watching the commercial I wander over to a favorite blog and a bar shows at the bottom of the screen, scrolling down with me. It says, please tell us what you think.

…no thanks.

I think* it’s a conspiracy. Generally, I am fascinated by and dismissive of conspiracy theories. Fascinated because, well, they are fascinating. Dismissive because they may or may not be true, but either way…whatever. In this case, I wonder why all the sudden everyone wants to know what I want. So often, I don’t know what I want and maybe what I want is what they’re offering, but I don’t know it. After all, it is unlikely that all the sudden the world will change…that based on a survey all the people of this world will behave the way I want them to. That’s okay. It’s better this way.

But all the same, what are your favorite fondue dippers? I ask because I care. Because your opinion counts.

If your opinion is against vegan then substitute for the cow variety of milk, which I haven’t tried in this recipe but suspect will turn out just as good.

Vegan Chocolate Fondue
(adapted from

12 ounces dark chocolate chips
¾ cup almond milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon rum

Put all ingredients into a small saucepan and heat over low until melted, stirring occasionally.

Serve alongside a selection of dippers. In this case those were:

Banana slices
Granny Smith and Gala apple slices
Maraschino cherries
Sweet and hot jalapeño slices

*Just to be very clear a little disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this post and anywhere throughout this blog represent me and not the opinions of the unnamed company I work for.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Fondue Because Your Opinion Counts

  1. My choices are along yours, but I would also add:
    – dried apricots (the best dried fruit ever)
    – dried cranberries (the 2nd best dried fruit ever and the most challenging to skewer)
    – fresh pineapple (the best fresh fruit ever)
    – fried bacon (because I have never tried it – may require a personal chocolate fondue pot for those that are squeamish )
    – salty soft sourdough pretzels (how’s that for alliteration?)
    – and brazilnuts (best ever nut)

    Let’s do Fondue!


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