Still Such a Fool

Not at all solemnly I pledged, last year, to always be the fool.

I fumbled a bit. I planned.

I planned not to post a St. Patrick’s day theme this year. Post one was planned. Post one was completed. I applauded myself for being ahead. But, then plan two happened and so I saved plan one to drafts and started two. But, then over impromptu drinks in honor of Fat Tuesday, a friend, Felice, started talking about Guinness Cake. About how rich and moist it was. About how happy she was that this existed. It settled onto a bar stool in my head. I had to have Guinness…cooked with chocolate.

I found the recipe I pulled last year. It sounded so good. So good, I wanted someone else to make it and frost it and give it to me.

Chocolate Guinness Pudding was what I really wanted. I found the recipe I emailed to myself last year. It seemed easier. Overestimating my desire to cook pudding after getting home from work is even easier.

The newest plan became Guinness Chocolate Floats. Never mind the multiple trips to the grocery store. Which became a Guinness Chocolate Ice Cream Shake. Really last minute multiple trips to the grocery store?

It was already Wednesday morning — this morning — and there was no post. I started moping.

“I’m so confused right now,” you cry. “Isn’t this supposed to be about Fools?”

“Calm down, you shouldn’t worry so much about supposed to. The fool wouldn’t. The fool pays less attention in order to win.”

See in all of this planning I forgot to be the fool. The stereo was silent, things mattered, I wanted to get ahead and found myself falling behind. I forgot that the fool pledges to say la-di-da just to see what happens. My pledge was broken.

I popped open a bottle of Guinness Stout (the original and my favorite of the Guinness’s though not what is called for in most recipes), turned up the Gaelic Storm, danced around barefoot and whipped up the cream. And I snacked on some dark chocolate chips.

This is what it means to be a fool which is why I, solemnly, re-affirm my pledge to always be one.

I learned something this time around a true Fool uses custard instead of whipped cream. Cooking custard, however, is much like cooking pudding (or ice cream). If I wasn’t willing to do the latter I couldn’t do the former.


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