Congratulations Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Another unBirthday Older

Today is my very merry unbirthday. Happy to me. I’m celebrating with chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.

My first introduction to Alice in Wonderland was through a performance (as part of a small ballet company) at about age 7. It was my first…or possibly second performance. I was the key. You remember the key Alice uses to open the door to get out of the room after the fall down the rabbit hole. I thought I was very grown up on stage at Capitol City Playhouse. Which isn’t there anymore.

The second time I was about 13 and played Big Alice. The benefit of having blonde locks. Not that my hair is blonde any longer. I was sure that I was very grown up then. This time we were performing at Synergy Studios. Which also isn’t there anymore. It was located across the open-air hallway from the Austin Children’s Museum. Sometimes, on double header days, we would hang out at this very awesome museum playing.  The museum isn’t there any longer. The space is now Art on 5th. I’ve been there once in order to see a Dr. Seuss exhibit. I was most certainly into adulthood, past college, and most certainly did not feel grown up at all.

The little ballet company never performed any Dr. Seuss, but we did Peter Pan which is certainly about not-growing up and we also did Winnie the Pooh, which few realize is about growing up unless they’ve read the books. I have. But, not as a child. It wan’t until some time after the Seuss gallery when I was acting the adult by entertaining children. I also read Alice in Wonderland, but that was at some time between taking a turn as a key and getting stuck in the house.

Which is all neither here nor there. Nor is it up this road or down that one. It might be over there, take a left, make a loop, face east, veer right and it’s straight ahead on the corner.

Despite growing older with every unBirthday, there is only one time a year when I feel older…or my age… and that is on the anniversary of the day of my birth. Every other unbirth day I get to be whichever age I choose. Which is very much the here.

Which is back to why I am eating Chocolate Chip Pancakes for dinner, not because I am not a grown up, but because I am and as an adult I get to eat like this. Though I’m not supposed to. This is the sort of dietary whim you are supposed to grow out of. Though I can’t figure out if I’m supposed to no longer want to eat like this or if I’m supposed to have gained discipline. Either way, that part of growing up was joyfully skipped over.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Another unBirthday Older

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