Ketchup to Watermelon Leftovers

You are reading the blog of a new car owner. Technically, this is true if you’ve been reading since the beginning. However, now, I am the only person who owns the car. It’s mine all mine all mine…hee, hee, hee. The best part is that I paid the car off early. I’m kind of a spendthrift. In order to save gas money I walked to the bank where I signed one very large money order. I expected panic to overtake me. I expected needing to calm down by walking around a bookstore or staring at a tree. Instead I felt light and giddy. More so than I’ve felt in a while.

Not that you should expect any big splurges for a while because watching my savings is too thrilling. Expect a lot of economy foods — as opposed to the usual truffle seasoned dishes usually featured.

I certainly don’t win the frugality contest. I have not started making my own laundry detergent — though I did make my own soap dish. I haven’t darned a sock in years — turns out that domestic skill is lacking.  Mending, hemming, and sewing are all skipped. I bought a new car even though there was a perfectly ok-ish bus system with diminishing bus routes and increasing costs and an ever delayed Metro Rail. If I really wanted to I could have made it work.

Instead I chose air conditioning, excellent gas mileage, a 10 minute commute and watermelon. When you’re on a bike or your feet you go to the store for a watermelon and nothing else. In fact, first day of having my new car (technically the rental car provided by the dealership until my car was ready) I went to the store for a six pack of beer and the big container of cat litter (which is also more economical).

While the beer and cat litter will obviously be finished, a whole watermelon can sometimes go bad. At that point you chop it up and stick it in the freezer. Where you will not forget about it. Will not for…ooh what’s that over there. La di da.

What’s this frosty container? Oh, watermelon? When did I…oh. Oops. I’m sure I can still turn it into something.

A little inspiration later. I figured ketchup — as a way to use up old tomatoes — would be an excellent way to use up watermelon that probably tastes a little too much like freezer.


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