Moving Day Muffin…umm how do you feel about donuts?


It’s moving day. Again.

The big (furniture) moving day isn’t until Friday. But my work schedule means that moving starts now.

Despite the trail of addresses I’ve left around this town I am not a fan of moving. It’s expensive, it’s a hassle, it requires calling in favors. Even so I’m looking forward to my new apartment. A search wasn’t even completed to find this place. I lived near the complex for almost five years. I even looked at the apartment a year ago. When it became evident…apparent…obvious…crystal clear that I could not stay in my present place only one place made the top ten list. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a new apartment, but I’m going to layer on even more.

Here is a list of things I will not miss.

I will not miss the trees that dripped sap onto my brand new car. Sap that I cannot remove.
I will not miss my crazy neighbor whose angry screaming I heard morning, day and middle of the night. Bipolar, schizophrenic I’m not trained to tell.
I will not miss my neighbors that I never met. Neighbors that couldn’t bother to be neighborly.
Or the fluorescent kitchen light that rarely worked.
Nor the bathroom fluorescent light that needed a few minutes to warm up.
I will not miss the memories. Both the memories too many and too few.
I will not miss the pool because the new place has one too.
The mold that supposedly did not exist cannot be missed. Which means I cannot miss the unwasheable shoes, the bags, the baskets that made their way into the dumpster.
The carpet is happily dismissed.
I will not miss holding open the oven door with my foot. Perhaps my legs will miss the exercise and balance training, but a hot oven door that lays flat instead of popping shut is certainly for the best.
I will miss the kitchen faucet.
I will miss the closets.
I will miss the porch.
I will greatly miss the built in bookcases, the quick commute, the trees that shaded and cooled.
I will miss the low electric bill.
I will miss the memories…all.
I will not miss this place.


One thought on “Moving Day Muffin…umm how do you feel about donuts?

  1. Good luck with the move, and I hope you are so happy there that this is the last one for a long while.


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