Moving Day Muffins Sausage Stuffing

Picture here a stately red bell pepper, pork sausage and spinach cheese muffins spilling out the top, its cap jauntily laid atop.

The boxes are unpacked! Skip for joy (gently…don’t want to disturb the first floor residents) in all the roominess of a box-free apartment. The new pantry and fridge are newly packed. The new closet is packed. The old table is newly packed. Okay so the boxes are gone, but that doesn’t mean that  everything is settled.

With the stories I’ve heard of years going by with unpacked boxes still sitting on upper shelves and stuck in garages, I feel I deserve some serious congratulations. Even last weeks failed muffins have been tackled. Rather well, too.

I’ve been congratulating myself a lot this past week. Because it makes me happy. Can’t you see my goofy grin.

So what if this is being posted unfinished due to a lack of at-home internet and a fear of coffee shop wireless. The imagination is a powerful being.

One thought on “Moving Day Muffins Sausage Stuffing

  1. But just think, if people like me didn’t save their old boxes where would you get yours from? Glad you’re so happy in your new apartment. How is Myrah liking it?


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