Mango Smoothie to Cool a Heated Brain




Hey you, sitting there reading, Brynne.


Today is Wednesday.


Haven’t you forgotten to do something?

I have no idea what you are talking about. If you want to say something — be direct. Erggh, can’t stand people who hint and circle around a subject, but refuse to directly say anything.

I was trying to be nice…

Well, it’s annoying.

Gosh you are cranky lately. You are supposed to publish a post on Wednesdays and yet you have nothing written, haven’t cooked anything and absolutely haven’t photographed what you haven’t made.

You must be very confused. There is no way I would give myself an assignment like that. Even if I did, I would certainly give myself a nice summer break because it is absolutely too hot to cook. Horrible record-breaking, 100 plus, temperatures every day.

Only for six more days.

You’ve been listening to NPR, haven’t you? Every morning they say six more days, six more days. It’s been six more days for the past twenty days. The days won’t end until 100 degrees is the standard instead of record-breaking.

It did rain last night though, they were correct on that. Don’t you remember how cool it was this morning, sitting outside with your coffee while Myrah chattered to the birds, the feel of wet pavement under your feet? Coming inside and opening a window?

Momentary weather glitch. Won’t last. But it should be enjoyed. Give the apartment a chance to cool down without the AC, not heat it up more with cooking.

Well, that is absolutely something you could manage…surely you are more than capable of coming up with a last minute, no heat required dish. Easier than anything. Think for one moment what is one of your favorite drinks.

Mango Smoothies

1 small banana
half a mango
couple strawberries
splash of pineapple coconut juice

Blend together.

Now for the details. Smoothies are another one of those items that are extremely easy and cheap to make and yet kind of expensive to buy. Smoothies do require a little bit of prep work. For best results you should cut up the fruit and freeze. I tend to have a permanent supply of frozen fruit during the summer and when I’m too lazy to create the drink I snack right out of the freezer.

Really the fruit and juice combinations are your choice. Today this is where my fancy led. Many people include yogurt, but I am very against this. I prefer pure fruit. It was delightful.

One thought on “Mango Smoothie to Cool a Heated Brain

  1. It sounds lovely and I just happen to have a couple packages of frozen fruit and three bananas in the freezer. Blender, here I come.


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