Yogurt Cheese Picnic Day Dinner

While writing last week’s post I started to wonder if there were other August holidays out there. It’s been a few years since that last search. Perhaps some obscurity has been revived.  While pondering this thought a more worrisome entered my head, who is going to comment with “what about —–“? Deciding it is best to be prepared I started searching, looking no further than my own totally fabulous, guaranteed laugh a week Cake Wrecks calendar and found Picnic Day.

No, no, no. Please, take a moment to go back and read those two words with sing-song gusto, arms reaching out, hands spread in exclamation.

Pic-nic Daaa-aaay!

This was my kind of holiday. Just the words bring up thoughts of blankets spread on dew-dropped grass, wicker baskets, entire towns running and laughing on sunny hills and years from now people telling memories become stories of picnic day glories. I may not be from the northern territory of Australia. It might already be past the first Monday in August. Crikey! No worries here, cobber. This was a holiday meant for everyone. It isn’t too late to celebrate. It’s never too late to celebrate.

Waiting for fair weather — whether that’s 56 days of 100 plus heat or any other less than perfect climes — need not delay your picnic plans. Having an unknown outdoor allergy that causes your body to break out in hives and face to swell until you’re a guest character on the latest space TV show shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the wonder that is picnics. In fact, in these cases it might just be best to lay your table cloth on your own indoor floor. You may have to settle for a vase of greenery, but the wicker basket is required.

When it comes to picnic food – I really feel they should be simple.

For the past year or so, I’ve been quite the plain yogurt, err, yoghurt, fan and have been eagerly including it in different baked goods, dips and what not when not eating it straight with a bit of fruit and honey.

Yoghurt (or Yogurt) Cheese

Desired amount of plain non-fat or low-fat yogurt
Section of cheese cloth

The Day Before: Set the strainer across the rims of the bowl. Layer the cheese cloth (I was once told that a coffee filter also works, but I’m not sure if that was a true tip or something made up) in the strainer. Spoon the yogurt into the strainer (I once read somewhere that the non- and low-fat yogurts work best for this kind of thing). Set into the fridge. Leave it alone. When packing your picnic, don’t forget to take it out of the fridge and splodge it into a container.

For this particular photo the yoghurt cheese was topped with pesto — because basil is presently plentiful at the farmer’s market. Please, though, your choice. And the bread was rosemary, but that’s its own story and so it is your choice.

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