Meals to Die by, no. 16

This week we look at death by famine as seen in a classic children’s story — Tomie DePaola’s The Legend of the Bluebonnet. To be true to this week’s deathly theme there should be nothing pictured up above. There shouldn’t be a recipe written down below. There should not be any words of cooking whys and woes for you to read. The page would be blank…parched…dead because “even though the hard winter was over, no healing rains came.”

Yes, again, we look at Texas weather. It’s been talked of and complained of and the talking of has been complained about since Spring. I don’t know of any chanting or rain dancing or sacrificing though. The best weather report I heard recently said “…the temperature is blah, blah, blah. We know what it is. Why go there?” Perhaps I should abide.

I should let One-Who-Dearly-Loved-Her-People tell the tale for me.

“…once more the rains will come and the Earth will be green and alive. The buffalo will be plentiful and the People will be rich again.”

While, being faithful to the theme would mean a post of nothing the story – sad as it is – is a hope for the future. Being faithful to the story’s moral means I get to make something.

Umm…sure…I probably should have sacrificed a cherished possession instead. However, being inspired to make something delicious seems like a wonderful way to honor the thirsty world. After all  taking “from the Earth without giving anything back” is the root cause.

Since there isn’t any food in The Legend of the Bluebonnet, I had to get creative. I chose berries for “the eyes, nose and mouth were painted on with the juice of berries.” I chose blue for “…the ground was covered with flowers — beautiful flowers, as blue as the feathers in the hair of the doll, as blue as the feathers of the bird who cries ‘Jay-jay-jay.'”

Blueberry (Sorta) Pie: If you looked confusedly from the recipe title to the picture, this was supposed to be pie…well, a tart. I used a new recipe and something went wrong. I saved it (after moping and mindlessly stuffing crumpling dough into my mouth while watching Mad Men) by spreading the cream cheese on the bottom of individual ramekins, sprinkling in the blueberries then pouring in the blueberry filling and finally sprinkling crumbled dough on top. Chill for several hours.

If you make a proper pie or tart just remember the dough goes on the bottom. The rest is the same.

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