Keeping the Beets in Austin

Pulling into the parking lot at work last Friday, cars were sparse. That’s true for Friday, but truer for the weekend of Austin City Limits. I wondered if by chance I could get away with telling customers, upset from long holds, “Sorry, it’s ACL, the city can’t properly function.

Yes, I did enjoy the lack of traffic, I enjoyed the change in music playlists during the traffic-free drive to work (Whoo-hoo three whole days without “Oh What a Night,” “Santeria,” or “T.N.T.”! Really the same songs at the same time – grrr.), but all the same, I wonder why this is what keeps the city pumped.

I could ponder out reasons why, or I could pick on ACL. Yes, I realize this weekend has past, yet when I got into my car on Monday and the radio DJ said, “I know I’m not the only one still recovering from ACL because it was that awesome” I realized it was not too late. As I started trying to find facts about ACL and only found advertisements for 2012 tickets, I knew this was important. ACL starts early and so must I.

Let us also not forget that this three-day weekend is only the follow-up from the much longer, much bigger, much more do NOT drive downtown unless you wish to scream AHHHHH!!!!!!! event of SXSW.

Here are a few ways to spend your (insert absurdly large music festival here) ACL weekend without going to said event.

• Spend the weekend pretending that it is 2002 – when ACL tickets were under $30 per day.
• Spend the weekend pretending it is 2000 – before ACL existed and when the economy was good in an that’s an awfully long way to fall kind-of-way.
• You could work on your math skills, by figuring out how it can be ACL’s 10th anniversary when 11-2 equals 9.
• Spend it inside reveling in the knowledge that you are not paying to be in a dust bowl or threatened by fire. Nor are you in a mud bath the result of hundreds of people trampling well-watered grass grown to prevent dust bowls…hmmm.
• Spend the weekend creating a mud bath and inviting friends over to partake in the therapeutic and cleansing nature of mud.
• Cook beets for the first time.


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