The Price of Guacamole

Time for another episode of  What a World the quiz show giving the world double vision! And here’s your host, Brynne!

Thank you, thank you. We have a great show today.

Contestants are you ready for your first question? Good.

First Question. What is the cost of HEB’s prepared guacamole?

A) $3.99
B) $4.99
C) $5.99
D) All of the above.

D) All of the above.  The prepared guacamole at the HEB Allandale costs $3.99 at HEB Hancock it’s $4.99 and at HEB Central Market it’s $5.99.

Next question. Which location has the most expensive avocados?

A) Allandale
B) Central Market
C) Hancock

B) Central Market – The price of avocados fluctuates however, consistently Central Market has the most expensive, Allandale is in the middle and Hancock comes in at the cheapest.

Third question. How close are these stores to each other?

A) Just over 6 miles round trip
B) Just over 4 miles round trip
C) A and B

C) A and B. Depending on which route you chose it is either just over 4 miles or just over 6 miles to go between these three HEB’s.

Going to the grocery store used to be a favorite past time. It was like a never ending playground. Now, its like cleaning. I don’t like cleaning.

I can understand there being different items at different stores. If something isn’t moving off the shelves it has to make room for something that does. It’s annoying, but I can make allowances. For the green tea ice cream go to the HEB on Parmer – not the new big one, the old little one (a distance of 3.08 miles). If you’re in the need for Kosher stop by the HEB off Far West on Hart Ln.

I can sort of understand, but am dismayed all the same, by quality being affected by its surroundings at such a large brand. I would absolutely recommend against purchasing produce at the Rundberg and Lamar location.

It’s the pricing that gets me. It’s not just avocados. Just as easily this could have been titled The Price of Mangos, Organic Apples, Bananas or Chocolate.

Yes, there are other options. Fresh Plus. Two locations of Natural Grocers — one of which is handily located by a Specs. Sprouts and Sun Harvest — which are now one and the same. Sort of; it takes a while to change over all those labels. Whole Foods (he, he, he). Wheatsville. Randalls — still clinging on though it can’t compete with the mega-chain or the small stores. And those other stores that are part one thing and part grocery.

Not that you will ever find out what anything really costs. You’ll save on one item and go over on another and wonder if it really makes sense to pay twice the amount for chocolate at this store when your drive home could easily take you past another store where it is half the price.

Is it any wonder grocery shopping has become a most detested activity?

Final question. Where did  I purchase the avocado used in this post?

B) Not HEB

B) Not HEB. Which is kind of how grocery stores in Austin are described. This avocado instead came from Sprouts where avocados were on special and by far the cheapest.


2 thoughts on “The Price of Guacamole

  1. Took me a minute to find the comment button, but here goes.

    “Randalls — still clinging on though it can’t compete with the mega-chain or the small stores.”

    Randalls actually is the “mega-chain” out of all the other stores you mentioned, since it’s owned by Safeway – which is now merging with Albertsons to create an even larger mega-chain.


    • Good point. (I’m the type of person who enjoys catching that type of mistake.) Safeway is by far the largest. Yet, it seems like they’ve had trouble keeping a presence here. Not sure if Albertson’s is still around — haven’t seen one in years. HEB is just way more popular and always expanding.


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