DST Stuffed Pizza with Eggplant

Daylight Savings Time ended this past Sunday. In case you didn’t know that and unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii. From my recollection I’ve never been one of those who have been taken by surprise by DST. I am well versed in Springing  Forward and Falling Backward. I do, however, have a DST story even though it isn’t really. The story, I believe, will be saved for another day. Your curiosity, hopefully, has been piqued and you will be clicking back to hear the story of The Daylight Savings Time That Wasn’t.

Being well-versed doesn’t equal approval of DST. Grumbling about losing an hour of sleep is quite common. Rarely, do you hear grumblings about gaining an hour of sleep. Which means all the world has been missing half the story.

Let me tell it to you.

That extra hour means having to force myself to lie in bed for one more hour. When I’ve already had to lie in bed — tossing, turning, disturbing the peaceful slumber of my cat — for eight hours, that last hour is impossible. So I rise, at 7:30 am DST on a Sunday. At this time I am left with a question — What do I do with this extra hour? My morning routine is complete and still that hour remains.


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