Tis’ the Season for Giving Grapefruit Marmalade

At work there is a motion sensor paper towel dispenser. Its black and tan rectangular body sits all day and all night in its spot on the wall. The red light saying it is ready to recognize motion never stops shining.

“Here take a paper towel to wash your lunch dish,” it offers. “Please take another to dry your hands. Please, take this one too, you might need it later. Would you like one for now?” Unhesitatingly it offers another. Never does it worry about running out. Never, does a jam occur preventing a single paper towel from being eagerly proffered.

There are other motion sensor paper towel dispensers at work. Many others. In none will you see the same extreme willingness to give. Others will pause and whirr and wonder before giving. Others will have you wave repeatedly at its red light. But the giving dispenser needs only for you to take another paper towel to be happy.

It reminds me of Ol’ Drippy. Those who have never seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force probably don’t know who I’m talking about. I imagine even fans of ATHF don’t recall ‘ol drippy. This was hardly the one-time character to be remembered by most. Many years ago (back when I worked at a job without motion sensor paper towel dispensers) I watched the entire first season on DVD. It was the only season I watched.  While I didn’t become a fan of this Adult Swim show I did become a fan of ‘ol drippy.

He…It was just great. I am not sure if Drippy was a he or an it. It doesn’t matter though; the topic of conversation is Drippy was a giver. Generous without stopping. Drippy gives himself (literally, Drippy is a come to life pile of mold turned to penicillin) to save Milkshake. More than once. Thinking of Drippy’s fate (hit by a truck) causes me to worry about the motion sensor paper towel dispenser at work.

Never once has it run out, but the day might come when it too reaches the end of never-ending generosity.

Now for a note on how this is giving grapefruit marmalade. I was given the grapefruit by a co-worker who happened to be gifted with a large supply. The lemon came from my parent’s who got it from their Myer lemon tree. Finally, a jar of this was given to my grandma  — is being given as soon as I arrive at her house tomorrow morning in order to decorate Christmas cookies with my cousins.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Tis’ the Season for Giving Grapefruit Marmalade

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