Winter Time is Here, Gingerbread Pancakes are Dear

To the tune of Christmas Time is Here

Winter time is here
Austin folks declare,
With scarves and gloves they can wear,
It’s their favorite time of year

Spices fill the air
Flour’s everywhere
Pancake joys for girls and boys
With plenty more to share

Punxsutawney Phil
Claims the air is chill
His shadow fell dark and clear
Despite the warmth we feel

Winter time is here
Gingerbread is dear
Oh, that we could always see
Such spices throughout the year

Since winter did its best to make a last appearance before, I fear, it disappears, I pulled the chorus out of retirement for this post. Christmas Time is Here, may be a Christmas song, but it is a Vince Guaraldi Trio, Charlie Brown Christmas song, which makes it ever so classically timeless. Also, if I recall correctly, December — at over a month ago — was the last time Austin had an extended cold snap. Maybe it just feels like that. I suspect everyone should prepare to read many very cranky posts this Summer.

Gingerbread Pancakes

This is one food that, happily, has many recipe variations out there. I found ones with molasses, cocoa powder, coffee and more. The spices went wild, the flours mixed it up — I couldn’t believe it. Choosing a recipe was a hard decision to make. So, I started by searching out a favorite – Kerbey Lane’s gingerbread pancake recipe. I couldn’t find it. Magnolia Cafe (Austin’s other 24-hour chain diner) has not been so secretive with their recipe. I’ve never eaten these since I already have a favorite, but decided to try them out. When making these I had intended to combine variations, but accidentally followed the recipe (as much as I can follow any directions). You can find the recipe on a few sites such as Food Network and Texas Monthly however, it is not written exactly the same on every site.

I thought they were very good (and absolutely excellent spread with homemade Citrus Apple Butter given to me by friends Angela and Andy), but I suspect I will be trying out some of those other variations.

What was not so original were the lead-in’s and descriptions of the pancakes. Everyone talked about winter and holidays and how gingerbread was perfect just for those. I disagree. Gingerbread Pancakes are appropriate anytime of the year. Even though this is a winter post they are ever so classically timeless. I think.


2 thoughts on “Winter Time is Here, Gingerbread Pancakes are Dear

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