Pizza Pie for 3.14 Day

Fictionalized in movies, honored in books, and memorialized in witty graphics is glorious pie…or pi. Both types fit here. Recently, work reminded me of 3.14 day. Today my co-workers are eating pie – savory, sweet, and on a stick. As much as I would like to participate I’m not, because today happens to be my day off. Rather than sniffling over missed celebrations and passing this up I held a personal-sized pi celebration. Not since Mole Day in tenth grade chemistry have I celebrated academics through food.

There was a small hitch in this equation. Even though I’ve known about pi since 7th grade when I read about it in my SAT study book as my dad drove me to the test the significance of pi wasn’t retained. There’s a little twisted bragging for you. I was the person who thought it was cool getting to take an extra test on Saturday morning because it was normally reserved for eleventh and twelfth graders. Yet, I was also the person who wouldn’t worry or bother to study for a test until the morning of. ‘Cause, ya’ know, I was rather blasé about it all. Right now, we are all wondering where that abundance of early ambition led me. Tsk, tsk that story is a self-analytical pity fest reserved for a never date from now. Look at that, I seem to have found a tangent. (Hardly a fan of math, I did reserve a special fondness for these trigonometric functions.)

This piece of pi knowledge would be beneficial to me that morning, later in school, and of course on the SAT that counted. All in all I took the PSAT once and the SAT three times. They were retaken in high school because an experiment proved that when a bomb threat causes your SAT to get rescheduled for the middle of the summer not studying isn’t such a good idea. Taking this test during the school year when solving mathematical equations and analyzing essays every day will help to negate this factor. Which, with many apologies to all the kids out there, is really a point in favor of year round school. Now, how did I end up out here again? The relevant point was that at one time in the past I might have known why pi is important, but now I have no idea. Fortunately, that is a problem I can solve.

While I’m away you might take some time to browse through some of my other posts or click the wordpress button to find other enjoyable blogs.

All right, I’m back, thank you for waiting. Now that I know the meaning of and some of the significance of pi, I suspect that the real problem is that I don’t really understand. It is probably an understanding that would only come with application and perhaps only to someone who scored higher than I did on the math portion of their SAT.

I will say that there is something satisfactory in a circle — an object with no end — being controlled by a number that continues infinitely. Although, perhaps the circle is controlling the number. Oh, another question to solve.

I do know the importance of pie, however. Especially pizza pie. Today, a calzone is being featured. A calzone is a circle, but one that has been folded in half. A celebration, I made both a main course and a dessert course pizza.


2 thoughts on “Pizza Pie for 3.14 Day

  1. I am curious. Were the calzones cooked, baked? Temp? Maybe I missed it but all I saw were the scraps being cooked and consumed.


    • Yes, yes, they have to be baked. After they’re filled. I think I chose about 425. Not real sure, though. There wasn’t a recipe.


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