It was a celebration of still aimlessly drifting

by: The Common Cook hosted it’s first celebration! It was a success…I guess. The park wasn’t too crowded. The rain didn’t last long. Multiple persons appeared and ate food. They played games, prizes were awarded and there was even a piñata. I have even received requests from those who couldn’t attend for another party and requests from those who did attend for a better pinata next time.

To sum up there was a party which was supposed to lead to a post. A post of beautiful pictures depicting all the fun that was had. Slight glitch with that part of the plan. Not a single picture was taken. I guess that would be a note from myself for next time. Being a writer rather than a photographer means pictures could be provided with words. I’m kind of tired, though, from all the planning, preparing and running around that turns an idea into an invite into an event.

Please enjoy, instead, these tea sandwiches. They were very popular.


One thought on “It was a celebration of still aimlessly drifting

  1. I vote for another party…since I didn’t wake up for the first one! Ugh! Sorry…sounds like fun…I just need to not wake up at 4am and take a nap at 5pm. Your sandwiches look delicious.


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