Vacation Day 1 – Breakfast

The unnamed company that I work for doesn’t offer too many perks. I’ve heard of companies that have iPod giveaways and Christmas bonuses. We just recently got back employee picnics. I went — it was a blast. One very thankful perk is the potential for lots of vacation time. So plentiful, friends have said I’m not allowed to complain about going to work anymore, but it doesn’t always stop me. So plentiful, you might think that vacation wouldn’t be so exciting, but it always is.

I don’t often take long portions of time all at once. Instead it gets parsed out a day here, a few hours over there for the purposes of keeping sanity, but not this time. Nope, today is the first day of my 10 day vacation. Technically it is a 7 day paid vacation, but I like to count the weekends too because it sounds so much nicer.

The technical time is nice too.

My excitingly long vacation starts today though I sort of started celebrating Saturday and again on Monday. Practice does make perfect.  I’ve got the best vacation plans. Lots of cooking and lots of time spent with friends and family. Day trips and travel were contemplated and were financially possible, but I’m equally excited by getting to see the people that make everyday celebratory. First in order is taking the time to make and eat breakfast. An elaborate breakfast isn’t possible because I’ve got things to do today. Like going in to work for an hour. Yup, my employer is having a big event today and while it isn’t required and I haven’t always participated in the past I was worn down this year. That’s okay. Not having to pack a lunch means I still have time for a quick breakfast. Plus, I get to go in a half hour later than normal. I may just faint from the luxury of it all.


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