Vacation Day 8 – Brunch…Lunch…Or something like that

The down side has begun. Vacation is nearing its end. The inclination to mope is being fought. I am not like others out there who yawn about how vacations get boring after a bit, who sigh over having nothing to do, who detest rising late, or who yearn for work. Reaching that point seem implausible. This could be because their vacations are much longer than mine, but I suspect it is because I am much better suited to this life. Days are filled with fun and pushy obligations so much that rarely is there little to be done. Each morning sees me eagerly rise at the same time as normal because I am not getting out of bed only to go to work. Days can be spent in baking bread for a brunch that turns into lunch because there is day and time enough.

The down side only gets steeper and I can already see you at the bottom. Only two more days and all I can think is that in my vacation time I haven’t accomplished nearly enough. I best get a move on.

Carrot Bread French Toast

One of the most memorable quotes I’ve come across while browsing greeting cards goes something like “I’ve seen so much and done so much and have so much left to do that I can’t possibly write it all now.”

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