Cupcake Revelations with Sprinkles

Last summer, in June, I happened to have a full weekend off. Both Saturday and the Sunday immediately following appeared in front of me like a great big cuddly teddy bear. Grabbing onto its stuffed paw, I woke up in time to catch the end of the sun rise, packed up a beach bag, and headed out to Galveston. It had been so long since I’d seen the ocean or sand I had begun to think I never had.

Here’s an aside — if you say that type of statement to family they will spend some time listing all of the beaches you have gone to and when you went.

About four hours later I pulled onto one of the island’s pocket beaches. Stepping out of my car I felt the sand blow against my skin, listened to the waves wash onto shore, and breathed in the putrid air of the beach lot. Setting out for a distant, unpopulated section of the beach I looked down and saw a shell. A real beach shell. In excitement I picked it up. What a rare and precious find this shell. A couple steps later my excitement was replaced by a realization — shells are everywhere at a beach. Okay so this was obviously something I knew, but for too long shells had been a concept separate from their sandy origins.

After enough time had passed to jump over waves and squish my sea green painted toes in the sand I was still, ashamedly, enamored by shells. I had moved on from the conventional blue-gray half shell that had initially captured my attention to the pearl and… its…mother. Happy sigh, it’s like the best revelations never stop.

Cupcake Revelations With Sprinkles

What about the cake with the colored confetti in it,” I asked my co-worker, Melissa, “what are they called, its like sprinkles?” Before giving her a chance to answer, I followed with “Wait, confetti cake is made with sprinkles. That’s what it, is isn’t? Sprinkles!”

That night I went home and made a white cupcake with sprinkles baked right inside. Each cupcake was filled with blue, green, red, pink, purple, yellow, and white sprinkles of fun.

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