Popcorn at the Movie Theaters

I am not a movie snob. So I think. The less snobby a movie is, the better. Those that are obviously eager to say something and those that strain to feel don’t often make it into my regular viewing. In movie watching, like in reading and cooking, remaining common is the rule.

I am, however, a theater snob. When my friend, Charlie, and I saw Melancholia at the Violet Crown we spent almost as much time critiquing the theater and its food as we spent talking about the movie. Tinseltown is avoided at all costs and even the best movies will lose something by being viewed at this garish theater. I’m starting and signing the petition to have the iPic change its name. Do you want your eye picked? I will defend the Paramount against even the perception of an attack.

The Paramount Theater built in 1915 and remodeled in 1930 is glamorous decadence. Decadence without excess somehow. Sure, the aisles are narrow, the seats are small, and the balcony scarily steep, but it is still the perfect place to watch a movie in Austin. Which is why the release of the Paramount’s Summer Classic Film schedule is one of the best events of the year. As far as I’m concerned, the best place to watch a movie is here. Plus each summer they play some of the best movies ever. Some because sometimes even the Paramount falls for the pretentious arts film. This year’s schedule is making me feel a little bit old. Am I really already vintage? Though some of the Bogart might be missing getting to see some childhood or teen favs on the big screen will make up for any momentary disappointment.

As excited as I am by the possibility…the planning…the anticipation…the giddiness I rarely make it to more than one movie each summer. I suspect this year’s one movie will be E.T. It’s not until the end of the summer, so we’ll see. Or maybe I’ll be seeing.

For this week’s recipe I’ve created a Theater-Popcorn matching game. In thinking about the different theaters I started to realize they all had a matching popcorn topping. A topping that considers each business’s decor, feel, and food. Not that they serve them (well, except for one) but if the proprietors knew the menus would all be altered.


One thought on “Popcorn at the Movie Theaters

  1. Amen. I saw the schedule too. I want to see the The Lady From Shanghia, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, The 39 Steps….. and…. and…


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