Impulsive Banana Blueberry Muffin Recipe Planning

Stepping into the kitchen, grabbing ingredients from pantry and fridge, combining, and sizzling without a spoonful of planning, thought, or preparation might create a dish where the flavors meld and excite the tongue. It might end up a mess that leaves you cursing, kicking cabinets shut, and throwing dishes into the sink that will be taken care of some other day. A single ingredient might make the difference.

I do not faithfully plan ahead in the kitchen which is odd since I am typically an obsessive planner in all other areas of my life. At the grocery store for instance. Although it is all done in a last minute, worrier kind of way. On the Myers Briggs Test I described myself as a planner/worrier who eventually has to act based on a decision made by my gut because I can almost always see both sides. That was not an option on the multiple choice test. Oddly enough taking the test was an impulsive decision seven years ago because I had impulsively showed up at my parent’s house on the same random day my brother, Darian, did. I walked into the house to find them all seated around the computer examining their results.

How do you spend family time?

Then comes the time when impulse takes over. There on that shelf over there I see a basket of red strawberries, a spring pomegranate, organic grass-fed steak, pencil-thin asparagus. Only a suggestion and I must have it. Don’t try to stop me. A recipe plan doesn’t exist for this ingredient. Every possibility for success or failure competes at this moment.

That’s how I got my cat, Myrah. Even at the worst of times — even an 8 pound cat can give life a sour taste — I’ve never cared to throw her down the drain. At the beginning of an impulsive decision you aren’t thinking of the outcome. You may not even care. Planning, however, is all about the finish, but a detailed pro and con list doesn’t guarantee a favorable end result either. Perhaps because it lacks the flavor of the unexpected.


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