Summer Soup Blues

Every morning a battle takes place in my apartment. The defeated will arrive late to work or might just not show up at all. The victor will continue oblivious to its opponent’s suffering.

One downside to this apartment I love is that it retains heat wonderfully well. This unfortunate quality makes getting dressed difficult. Taking a shower, fixing my hair, putting on makeup, and feeding a fur-covered cat all makes me hotter. And the air conditioner, forced to work harder in this apartment and city, is never set below 82° because the bill would make things worse. So, every morning it comes time to pick out and put on work-appropriate clothes it leads to a tantrum. Because a summer-time bad mood has already taken over I go all out. I get to throw pillows and stomp my feet until I’ve worked myself up to angry, clenched teeth, yelling and cussing. If anyone were around to see it would all look a little crazy. Eventually the tantrum ends by lying across the bed directly in line of the fan’s airflow.

Knowing that I’ll be spending my day in a well air conditioned office, wearing a sweater, and cupping lidded cups of hot coffee should make getting dressed easier, but it doesn’t. Essentially, working in an office allows you to have a season-less wardrobe unless you choose to live outside of the office.

What it all means is that I’m in a permanent bad mood right now. We all knew this was coming..summer and its accompanying post. My bad mood needs soup and hot tea. That’s when working in an office helps. At work, I can eat all the comforting hot soup I want. Just so long as it doesn’t take too long to cook.

So far, each morning has ended in a draw…I just barely punch the clock on time while summer continues.

Vegetable Soup with Arugula Pesto

The computer generates and radiates heat making it impossible to write out the recipe. Since it’s a keeper, however, I will take the time to attach the link and say: I don’t like celery. I didn’t have enough vegetable broth and substituted with a little extra water. Measuring and timing things just takes too long.


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