This Saturday at 11:59:60 PM Take a Second Citrus Cookie

It’s about time for that extra leap second I mentioned back on February 29th. Do you have plans yet? Sure, like the leap year, most probably won’t be awake for this event, but that’s no reason why you can’t celebrate. Take a look at the suggestions pictured here; one is bound to strike your fancy.

Becoming philosophical is all to easy with a post about an extra second caused by our concept of time and the planet’s rotation slowing. How about the world seems to be moving faster every year, but the earth is urging us to slow down or take a second out of the day to appreciate the small moments? And I could slyly write it in, but that would be wrong. An extra second should be used for fun not philosophy. Unless you get a kick out of taking part in circular debate then go ahead and say an “ah” or “pu” or a “tr” — you know ’cause that’s all you can get out in a second. Yup, I will be spending my extra second telling bad jokes.

If for some unexplained reason you miss this noted event, don’t worry you’ll possibly get another chance in about one and a half years. Possibly, because the leap second is up for a vote that may cause its end. However, now that we are participating in a debate on time, I’d like to propose that during the summer months we revert to a night schedule. We could sleep from 11am to 7pm and then all of our activities would happen at times when it is potentially cool enough to be active. Instead of closing the curtains against the heat waves of a sunset, we can gladly turn east to view a sunrise. Instead of wearing sunglasses by the poolside, we can happily count stars while swimming a backstroke. We can succumb to the baking bug without the help of a portable tower fan. We can still take naturally-lighted photographs under the rays of the morning sun instead of offering up the colorful recipe pictured below. Does anyone second the motion?    

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