Plenty of Random Thoughts (and only some are on food)

This week my thoughts have been running over ideas of intelligence. Bet you thought it was going to be the Olympics. Though I’ve been watching (Did you see that vault?), a sporting event can’t compete with planning a vacation to Portland, Oregon. In just under two weeks I will be on a five hour flight to friends, rose gardens, museums, ancient redwood trees, huge book stores, and ocean waves all in a comfortable climate. Can you believe it – I have to sit through a five hour flight?

I am not a fan of flying, having to sit in one place without moving is just one of the reasons. The solution is to create the perfect travel reading list. The candidate at the top of my list simply named “Books” is The Search for the Giant Squid. However, evaluating this book means comparing its potential to the success of the last squid book, Kraken.

So, of course I’ve been mentally reliving some of my favorite parts. Including that of measuring intelligence. It doesn’t help that I am now reading The Earth Moved by Amy Stewart. The book is turning out to be the perfect book to take on this particular trip, only two weeks too early. Not only does the author live in Eureka, California surrounded by a redwood forest, but the book discusses, in part, the intelligence of earthworms.

Then, while lost in these thoughts, I receive a text message where words are misspelled and misused and punctuation is…interpretative. Think of this text as representative of written messages I see everyday. It’s annoying, but I get it. Writing long notes with two fingers or a thumb isn’t easy or fun. Not like the quick click-clack of typing or the look of a handmade perfectly curving C. Understanding doesn’t make any of us look better.

If some outside entity or future human needed to measure the intelligence of people today, would they look at our text messages, our emails, and our internet comments? For our collective future reputations, I worry what they might think.

Would the earthworm suddenly decide to stop pulling leaves into its burrow by the apex as its education taught in favor of – say – just laying it across the top in hopes that the leaf stays? Wouldn’t you, the scientist, wonder why the worm ignored its education for something easier, but maybe not as good?

I do.

You can stop straining your own mental capacity in trying to find the connection to this weeks meal. It is just as random. Six weeks and two days ago I checked Plenty  out from the Austin Public Library. Despite my fine reaching all the way to 50 cents I wasn’t ready to give up the book without at least one more inspired by meal.

This book is food porn, but better, because you can make the dishes instead of just being turned on by the ideas of green chili and mint, eggplant and pomegranate, basil and parsley, pear and goat cheese… Unless that’s what the conventional kind is about too, I’ve never really understood it. (However, about now I’m becoming very concerned by my father’s comment on this post and SEO because of this paragraph.) Well, anyway, I spent many mornings drooling over the recipes and pictures in here. Which, if intelligence gets measured based on that image, I don’t fare well. The flavor combinations are, thankfully, intelligently inventive. At least someone out there is trying to save our reputation.

For one last question, now that the book has been returned I need a new fantasy cookbook – what should it be?


One thought on “Plenty of Random Thoughts (and only some are on food)

  1. Yeah …your SEO results would not be favorable, but with your new theme, posts no longer reside on your index page. Say whatever you want! The best ever fantasy cookbook is ” Like Water for Chocolate”. Best ever cooking musical – “Sweeney Todd”… sort of.


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