I’d rather have the time to make cupcake cones than the money

Not so long ago I learned that my unnamed national company gives departing employees a paycheck for whatever vacation time wasn’t used throughout the year. You might recall from earlier posts that a perk of my job is all the vacation time — that paycheck could be pretty good. That thought, should I ever leave, makes me want to keep a nice healthy vacation time balance in my account.

I’m a little obsessive about saving money. How to make or keep a budget, even what is a realistic budget gives me stress and confusion. So I save.

Except for my vacation time.

A check representing all the time I never took could never be big enough. Instead of a few days or weeks of financial security it would show the time I didn’t spend at the beach, the drinks I didn’t laugh over with friends, the extended family I didn’t have dinner with. There are other ways, I know, of making more money. Finding a higher paying job or a second job. Recently while spending a day hangin’ and shoppin’ with a friend I ran into a co-worker at Sur La Table. It was her second day at her second job. She thought it was great.

“You should consider applying,” she said over her shoulder as she walked away to take care of business, “unless you don’t need the money,” she added, laughing.

I thought about it. Really. For a moment. If I had a second job could I afford to buy a house? Or maybe I would get my teeth straightened? Thinking of not getting to spend a weekend with my cat, Myrah — who never worries about money just as long as I come home every night, who thinks a hug is way better than food and toys are made out of all the things you find– made me remember about time over money.

Right now, I’m squeal happy giddy over my week exploring another state, experiencing new places, spending time with my good friends and their two-year-old daughter and it’s all just four days away. My conversation has consisted of so few other topics that I’m sure all my co-workers and friends are wishing I weren’t going anywhere at all.

By saving vacation time or working a second job, I’d have none of that. Nope, the time is always worth more than money. Besides, there would never be time to bake. Even fast and simple recipes like these cupcake cones with chocolate mouse frosting would fail the time trial. And yes, they really were fast, the cupcakes are adapted from here, the frosting from here (really the same site) and the cone idea comes from here (except I’ve owned a copy of the book about age 5, I even still have the measuring spoons it comes with). Sure, this post is a day late because I was busy yesterday — staying in bed until 10am, talking to Grandma, running errands for my trip, and having an impromptu night of dinner and dominoes with friends.

Having the time yesterday, on my day off, to bake made today a brighter day. In part because there were these extremely happy, friendly looking cupcake cones to take into a work potluck.

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