Abracabra – a post from afar!

I’m not really here. I’m on vacation. Though, you probably already know that if you’ve read my blog in the past couple weeks or talked to me directly.

There are several reasons why I’ve been excited about my trip. Getting to spend a week away from the computer is just one of them and get this I don’t even own a smartphone. I’ll practically be off the grid! My eyes can barely stop themselves from jumping up and down with giddyness.

Yet, I couldn’t deny everyone a post this week. WordPress allows you to schedule posts in advance just like a real publication. Up until know I’ve always published in real time because I’m not that organized. Except for this week.

Yup, I got it together enough to give you…a picture of chocolate butterflies. Ta-da! Not that this is a spectacular post, but I’m fairly impressed with myself. It might be more impressive if you didn’t know that the picture was taken some months ago. Or, does knowing that make it more impressive?

Right now, I might be browsing books, gazing at a rose, or lost and alone in a strange city without a gps to help guide me on my way. Gulp. Actually no, that doesn’t worry me at all. But, it does bring up a good question – how many out there are warned by friends and family against vicious strangers, serial killers, and “homeless people that aren’t like the homeless people in Austin” as a really cheery way to say bon voyage?


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