A Week Trip Air Trip Restaurant Prepared with a Day Trip Road Trip Packed Lunch Checklist…whew

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Okay I’m back and tired. But in a good way. Since the past week has been filled with little else but traveling here is another checklist full of extremely important travel tips.

You’re at the airport — everyone is watching you.

Nothing is funny at the airport. Except for the first security person checking boarding passes – this person enjoys a little conversation or a few laughs.

Sometimes the best reading material is this month’s issue of National Geographic and several podcasts of This American Life and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and not a heavy book taking up space in your carry on.

Be sure to also load some rocking and some soothing music on to your iPod Shuffle. Sure everyone else has iPads and iPhones and Smartphones and fancier iPods, but yours is cuter.

The airport makes for surprisingly good book browsing. With the current state of security lines you will have plenty of time to find new books to add to your “to read” list.

You know those people who prepare snacks for airplane trips? Yeah, you aren’t one of those people either – those little bags of peanuts, pretzels, vanilla wafers, cheese and crackers, and shortbread cookies do not make a complete meal.

Try not to stare at the granola bars and fruit snacks being eaten by the family across from you. This is an excellent time to start a grocery list.

Drink water.

Plan ahead and then be spontaneous. This is always true — whether deciding on what to do in a day, a restaurant, a meal, or which beach to drive to.

You are still not one of those people who prepare food for a day trip road trip. Hummus and carrots, cheese and bread, fresh fruit and chocolate bars make for an excellent packed lunch.

Cold beaches are way better than hot beaches.

You may not want to leave and may feel like throwing a tantrum, but the two-year old you are visiting will beat you to it.

When, mid-flight, the flight attendants are told to return to their seats and the passengers told to hold onto their children and their drinks you can either worry or you can take pictures of the lightening show outside the window. Which one are you?

Koi in a Japanese Botanical Garden are also called Fishey and appreciate it when you say hi. Everyone thinks koi are snooty fish that should be in pristine pools, but this isn’t at all true. They enjoy visiting very much.

Scenic drives, no matter the length, go by faster than highway and concrete drives. Choose the scenic route.

Sunsets seen from above the clouds are gorgeous. And you can see all the stars. Try to snag the window seat.

The pictures
Black Butte Porter and Burger at Deschutes Brew Pub
Pumpkin Muffin at Fleur De Lis Bakery
Spinach, Mushroom, and Tomato Eggs Benedict at Helser’s on Alberta
Picnic Lunch at Manzanita Beach with good friends Sarah and Ava
Plum Crostata at Fleur De Lis Bakery


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