Ode to the Nighttime

This won’t be a proper ode, but the post’s title came before the words. Then, I realized the expectation I had just set for myself and felt it wasn’t going to be lived up to. Why even try. I could go to all the work of writing a new title or write an explanation. It will be an ode in the figurative way that I use the word — expressing adoration or honor for something. Eventually. Once you pass all of this.

Recently, I’ve been sending myself to bed awfully early. There comes this time in the evening when staying up seems more of a bother than laying in bed sorta awake and sorta asleep. Productivity seems too likely to cause a mess and too dependent on a computer. My eyes, tired from spending all day looking at a glowing screen, plead against this and paper reading as well. They’re okay with TV, but my brain isn’t. Cleaning is always an option. After a couple evenings of bringing out the broom and dust rag it just becomes sad. So I wash the dishes every night, but let the dust pile up. Maybe this is getting older. Or, maybe I’ve gotten lazy. Not that I’m waking up so early. Mornings are the worst.

I’m disappointed in myself over this recent behavior. I miss the nighttime…when everything becomes calm. I save two of the best things for the nights. Pajamas and breakfast. We’ll start with the first.

At home I am always in pajamas because they are the best clothes ever. In my household there is a rule stating no more than one dresser drawer may be dedicated to pajamas. The idea is that I will buy more practical clothes like jeans. The lobbyists are working hard to change this – they may win. They argue that if an entire closet can be dedicated to day time clothes then at least two drawers should be dedicated to the best clothes. If someone were to spontaneously stop by my apartment (which has happened once in the past 15 1/2 months) odds are that I would be wearing pajamas. Hmm, I need to go change. Back in a moment.

Much better. On to the next. Breakfast foods are terrific – cereal, doughnuts, coffee cake, pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict – and so should only be eaten in the evenings. During the days when staying up into the morning hours was the norm I lived a couple city blocks away from a local doughnut shop. Stepping outside of the house meant stepping into their world of fatty, floury, sugary, spiced goodness. Never, not once, while living there did I purchase a cream filled, apple, cinnamon cake, or plain in the morning hours. Since moving out of reach of their scented aura I have. What else can I do but slowly shake my head in disappointment?




Shake and sigh.

This isn’t my only dalliance with breakfast food in the mornings. And sometimes, I even don’t immediately change into my pajamas after work. Gasp. Obviously this is a right that needs to be wronged.

I will eat breakfast in the nighttime – cause it’s the best time.

Spinach and Mushroom Eggs Benedict

I’m not yet ready to give up the recipe for what is, I think, the best hollandaise ever. Though my friends Sarah and Linda have introduced me to some good restaurant varieties. Even though it is certainly not a secret – the recipe is out there. I just like thinking it is.

The spinach and mushroom mixture I made surprised me with its tastiness. And I will share that. It was also very good on pasta.

First, I sauteed sliced mushrooms in butter and olive oil. Then I added on half the roughly chopped spinach. Then went on some diced shallot and garlic. Then the rest of the spinach. I seasoned with salt, pepper, some crushed red pepper, a little paprika and a pinch of cumin because I was curious. Also, I poured in a splash of white wine and squeezed some lemon juice on top. Toss it all up a bit. That’s it.


4 thoughts on “Ode to the Nighttime

    • Thanks for the comment and thanks for the compliment. The hollandaise recipe isn’t really mine to give away and for whatever quirky reason it feels wrong to tell without permission. Which I don’t have.


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