If you’re gonna blog it, blog it with crunchy sea shells.

Growing up much of my family’s movie collection came from feature presentations taped from the TV. My mom’s looping cursive revealed the varied contents of each VHS. On one was written Gypsy. In case you think this was not the best material for a young girl, you should know that I had my limits. Never once did I watch the tape labeledWhatever Happened to Baby Jane. Bette Middler singing about chow mein and always acting the stage mother regardless of the type of stage, this I could watch repeatedly.

Like Oklahoma, valuable lessons were hidden in the lyrics and dance numbers. Not all of them about the dangers of a vaudeville life. One, of course, settled deeper in my memory than the others. Almost three years ago, I started this blog with only one set idea. It had to have a gimmick. A combination of random events and a friend’s suggestion meant that my trumpet, switch, or finesse behind the blog became food. It may not be as original as burlesque in a gown and elbow gloves, but I like to think of it as re-working an old song. Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit of a stretch. So let me tell you this entertaining fact – last summer I read American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee. (Three titles? Fantastic!) The musical is not entirely accurate and that was very okay with Louise Hovick. The line about having a gimmick didn’t happen quite as the musical’s plot suggests, but it was so much less catchy and not accompanied by a dance number. And now I don’t remember it.

Gimmicks are everywhere — from the wrestlers in the WWE to food trucks. I have never watched wrestling so my knowledge of this comes entirely through commercials and movies not about wrestling, but I have eaten at a few food trucks.  Food trucks were made for the gimmick. It starts with the vehicle, climbs to the name, jumps to the food, and ends with the serving method. These trucks don’t serve your typical food. Well, not all of them because only some seem to have understood the gimmick lesson.

See a place can be nothing but gimmick or it can be using the gimmick to be even more awesome. Recently, a couple trucks have started showing up at a parking lot neighboring my office. Food truck days are the best days of the week, but only one is awesome. Realizing this lesson (and without the song and dance) I had to be careful in coming up with my own imaginary food truck. It needed a gimmick and it needed to be good.

One day, many months ago, while enjoying a random conversation, some friends decided on chips as the perfect gimmick. Chips of all kinds and all vegetables. Chips with salt and flavored salts. I have no interest in starting this place, but I will have fun with chips. Crunchy Sea Shells (potato chip dark chocolates with white chocolate covering) could be just the start.



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