How did you spend the Pumpkin Granola Equinox?

This weekend I could have shown that I am a good granddaughter and visited my Grandma. Happy Belated Grandparents Day, Grandma!

I could have got quarters from the bank in order to wash my dirty laundry. Or, I could have reduced the size of the heaped laundry basket by using the $2.50 in quarters I already have. These clothes are totally clean. Promise.

I could have mopped the floor, dusted the top of the fridge, scrubbed the tub, and, well, just done a good overall cleaning that my apartment deserves. Of course I’m not keeping the lights off so you can’t see the dirt. I like sitting in the dark.

I might have joined the public masses at the 15th Annual Museum Day. Then, I might have found myself intellectually stimulated, wowed, awed, and amazed by the works of art on display. I’ll hit you up next year, Department of Public Safety.

I could have made a dish to go with one of the posts I’ve written. Or, I might have written a post to go with one of the dishes I’ve made and photographed. It’s good to have a stock pile of partially completed posts ready and waiting.

I might have celebrated the autumnal equinox by baking fall inspired food that also reflects our warm temperatures. Something like yogurt topped with Pumpkin Granola. Ooh, and these cinnamon almonds I bought at the store would be perfect in it. Yes, yes!

One thought on “How did you spend the Pumpkin Granola Equinox?

  1. Yes,you certainly could have. And your grandma would have appreciated it so much. But alas,it is now too late so I’ll just have to drown my sorrow in a mocha latte. But I love you anyway. By the way, we haven’t moved. Love, grandma.


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