Pumpkin and Sour Cream Scones or Why the Internet Isn’t All Bad

I suspect this post is a bit of a repeat. After 153 posts it becomes hard to keep track. The theme is familiar, at least, because it isn’t a new feeling. It’s feelings against technology. Against computers, screens, and the internet and just all of it. It’s going out and people being incapable of staying off their phones. “Sorry, I’m so boring,” I want to obnoxiously say to them. I want to rant and stomp and declare myself free of technology. And then, I’d use my permanent marker to write all of it on the bad side of a list.

That would be wrong. Hypocrites aren’t on my good list either. See, I willingly — too willingly — use technology almost everyday. And sometimes, I’m awfully happy it’s around. Like last week when I had an open can of pumpkin puree and an open carton of sour cream. Throwing them out would be too wasteful. Reckless waste isn’t on the good list. Chances were that one or both of these foods wouldn’t be eaten in time. Baking was the only solution.

This is where the internet, my faithful friend, came to the rescue. First I searched for pumpkin and sour cream. I found these Pumpkin Ginger Scones. I was intrigued and nervous – would they be sweet or savory? Would the curry be overpowering? Neither sweet nor savory, these are tasty warmed and spread with berry preserves and also plain and cold straight out of the fridge. My cat also gives them a paws up as she follows me around begging for a crumb. The best part? The ingredient list includes crystallized ginger and a quantity of this had been sitting in the pantry for far too long.

But, the pumpkin and sour cream still weren’t used up. I went back to the internet and searched for pumpkin and sour cream cupcakes. The 12 resulting cupcakes were topped with an improvised chocolate cinnamon frosting because no matter how many searches I completed every caramel recipe required cream — and that was not already in the fridge. They’re pretty good. Maybe not a repeat, but very edible.

Still the pumpkin and sour cream sat in my fridge. Goodness! I thought, maybe I shouldn’t have made half recipes of all these things. This time I searched for 1/4 cup pumpkin puree. These pumpkin cookies with walnuts and chocolate didn’t work out at all.  My pumpkin filled gut told me to stop because the recipe seemed odd, but I was tired of searching the internet and made them anyway. Okay, they tasted all right so they won’t go to waste, but the remaining sour cream is topping mashed potatoes and cheese fries.

I’ve still got about 2 tablespoons left of pumpkin puree. It might be time to give up. Plus, all of this baking finished off the butter.

*Here’s something I just found that belongs on the good list: King Arthur’s website has a feature called “Bake with what’s in your pantry” and it really works. Which isn’t always the case with nifty online features. Yay for the internet!


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