Writer for Hire & A Carrot Cranberry Muffin

Hmp-Ergh. Hi…hello. My name is Brynne and this is my first time at mic night. Umm, giggle I’ve written ah…a uh prosy sort of piece for tonight. I hope you like it.

Ok, here goes.


Writer for hire, writer for hire.
Let me sell you my words and sell you my thoughts
At pennies a letter it’s really a bargain, plus
Periods and commas included.
I’ll exclaim (!) and I’ll ponder (…) for extra
But, the cherry on top is simple and sweet.
The gold will be worth it ’cause, pssst – I know a secret –
Without ‘ands and o’rs to churn up the water we all can row a lot faster.

Do you think you can run without a writer for hire? Not me.
You can gallop or canter or trot if the piece is for people with horses.
You can sprint to the finish if your readers seek reprieve from their seats.
There’s a difference –
I can tell you.

Still need a moment to think, to appraise, or mull the idea?
Here’s something to sweeten the deal.
A muffin with cranberry plus a carrot to chew on.

Writer for hire, writer for hire.
Please tell me my words really do matter.

Thank you. ‘Night.


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