New Year Resolutions for Any Time of the Year

Resolution coffee

It was while watching Big Bang Theory late night re-runs this past summer that I made the year’s first resolution.

Resolution 1) Use the word “woman” more and the word “girl” less.

A mostly adolescent show — the Carl’s Jr. commercials that air every episode have told me so — was speaking more respectfully of my gender than me. I almost never say woman or man — it’s all about girls and guys. I and my peers are all adults in my head, but something about these two particular words feels awkward. Too grown up. Months later, this feeling still holds me. As a resolution I realize it is ongoing. Talking about women is almost starting to feel natural, but only during internal conversations.

Resolution 2) Eat at one new restaurant every month.

Too often, social conversations are about some great new restaurant. “Have you been to…?” someone asks. Too often my answer is “no.”

There are reasons, but not good or concise reasons why. I have a limited eating out budget that is usually saved for going out with friends. With friends we always seem to end up at the same place. So even when our nights out include me saying, “I really want to try this new restaurant,” we never go. They go. At some point. With a spouse or family or some other friend. But, I never make it.

Not anymore. Austin eateries — here I come.

The exact restuarant resolution terms are somewhat undefined. For instance I’ve drunk coffee at two new coffee places — Monkey Nest and Houndstooth. These count. I ate at Elizabeth Street restaurant the other night, my gosh it was good. But it wasn’t my choice to go there and it wasn’t on my list of places I’ve been wanting to try for a while. It still counts. I suppose.

For both resolutions I decided against waiting until the New Year to start improving my life — for one year — in such wonderful new ways. I might have chickened out or rethought these goals. Instead of waiting for tomorrow I seize today. Also, this means I don’t have to create a New Year’s resolution, right? Live and let live.

4 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions for Any Time of the Year

  1. Your first resolution is great and I just might ad it to my list. I use girl all of the time and I am in my mid-thirties. Yikes! I guess woman does seem too matronly or formal, but it’s also more grown up and that’s an important distinction.


  2. I’ve been wanting to go to Monkey’s Nest – now it’s not a place I can take you. Oh well, there’s plenty of others. I like your resolutions – You go Girl! …….aughhhh…sorry.


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