The Exercise Cupcake Graph

Exercise cupcake

Writing this blog made me a baker. I think. Used to be I baked in order to eat the airy, sweet baked dessert, but really considered myself more of a cook. Now, however, I bake in order to bake and am then forced to eat the spices encased in crumbly bits of baked good. Which is a little bit of a dilemma.

Some time ago I discovered the Exercise Cupcake Graph with the Line of Overindulgence. Since its discovery this graph has never steered me wrong, except that I never shared it. Which was wrong of me. Today, I hope to correct this wrong. This is the situation. You want to bake and eat a cupcake, but are made to feel guilty by this desire because of the amount of butter and sugar you’ve been consuming and because you now consider typing to be a form of exercise. If the guilt weren’t enough turns out you don’t have all the ingredients — namely chocolate or sprinkles. The solution could be walking to the grocery store for the missing ingredients.

We now turn to our Exercise Cupcake Graph. On our graph we plot wanting to eat a cupcake on the x-axis. Then we plot walking to the grocery store on the y-axis. As long the final point falls in the shaded area under the line of overindulgence (running at a straight diagonal from edge to edge) you get the cupcake.

This goes the other way too. If the amount of exercise is plotted too high on the y-axis, outside of the shaded area and over the line of overindulgence, then it is not being properly balanced by cupcake intake. You must eat more cupcakes in order to properly balance the graph.

Now, this all happened a while ago. Some might even recognize the picture from other places. Just to prove that this wasn’t a long ago fluke let’s try another situation from today. Hike/walk with the dog at the mostly dry Zilker Park trail is plotted onto the y-axis. Drive to East Austin for free cupcakes from Sugar Circus is plotted onto the x-axis. Yup works again. Both points fall firmly in the shaded area. In this circumstance we also discover the bonus cupcake points of driving to an unfamiliar part of town on the narrowest two lane one lane road next to a train track and taking the dog with you.

Sugar Circus together

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