What I did this weekend included baking Peanut Butter and Banana Pet Treats.

 Myrah Benny Treats

Office Space was filmed in Austin. Near where I lived at the time and near where I work now. I only mention this fact because this post is filled with office life. If you don’t work in an office the stories might all seem like fiction, but every word is true.

In the mornings when filling up on coffee, someone might say “getting caffeine!” to me.

On Monday’s you hear about how it is Monday. On Friday’s you learn to be happy it is Friday. From Wednesday to Thursday it is almost Friday.

On Monday’s you are asked, “did you have a good weekend,” “what did you do this weekend?” Often multiple times a day. This is kind. It shows that your co-workers care, are interested in knowing more about you, that it is a friendly place to work. And many of mine read this site – hey there everyone. I appreciate having truly fun colleagues, their conversation and their questions.

We regale each other with our standardized stories and our riskier stories that show us outside the cubicle rows.

Except my office has a non-standard work staff in addition to a standard work staff. Which doesn’t fit well with standard office conversation So I get a day off in the middle of the week and work a weekend day. Rarely on Thursday does anyone ask how my Wednesday went. Often, on Monday, people stumble over their question, saying instead “how was your weekend, uh, day?” Which is also kind because it shows that they have paid attention to the fact that I am one of those with the non-standard schedule.

Sometimes, I don’t want to answer. Because all I did was clean which made me happy, but isn’t an appropriate way to spend your 48, uh, 24 hour pass. Because it didn’t go at all as planned and it’s still making me mopey. Or, because as a private person who reveals herself on a blog every week I want to hold it close, hands clenched, shoulders hunched and cry “mine all mine!”

But, sometimes I just don’t want to be asked and I really don’t want to answer because it emphasizes how life is situated around work. This thought always makes me heave a big sigh. Work and I decided to take a little bit of a break this week. We’ve been seeing a lot of each other. This also means that no one at work knows what I did this weekend and when I get back the appropriate office questions will be “did you have a good vacation,” “what did you do on vacation”?

Getting around to making these treats has been just about the most exciting thing I’ve done since Monday. That and achieving a picture of the dog next to a plate of food. Not so long ago this picture would have been impossible. Not just difficult. The cat, however, is considering a late in life modeling career. Now the cat does not like banana or peanut butter, but will eat these baked treats. The dog eats anything.

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