Layers of Time in Spinach Mushroom Lasagna

Spinach Mushroom Lasagna

Not so long ago I assembled a towering spinach mushroom lasagna for Sunday dinner. Not having a proper baking dish I pulled out a loaf pan and just kept layering. And then I started thinking about time travel. My thoughts on the matter were so entertaining that I mentally started writing this post.

Perhaps it was the loaf pan bringing up memories of the segment illustrating spacetime as a loaf of bread in Brian Greene’s Fabric: The Illusion of Time. Maybe it was The Doctor, the last of the Time Lords, infiltrating my thoughts. But, I don’t think it was either.

Nope, the post and all its content has been lost to time. Somehow, this lost post connected perfectly to Spinach Mushroom Lasagna. The topics, ingredients, and process all intertwined in an enlightened melding of flavor. If only I could travel back to that moment. Notebook and pencil in hand I’d watch myself sauteing mushrooms, simmering tomato sauce, text messaging friends about dinner plans and after dinner drink plans. The cat would be watching me from her spot on the dining table.  I’d hear the noises in the background and me speaking my thoughts on time travel out loud.

Actually, if time travel were possible I wouldn’t bother with this moment. I have no interest in visiting past or future me. When there is so much time to discover reliving a day or spoiling the surprise doesn’t seem worth it. It’s like getting on a plane with all the hassle of the airport, flying for several hours and disembarking right back at home.

That didn’t stop me from trying to recreate the moment with the leftover ingredients.  A little sauce, some spinach ricotta, a few extra slices of mushroom, mozarrella — just remnants. Instead of setting off on the ultimate trip the tower was reduced to a single layer. And my thoughts stayed firmly focused on the present.


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