A Spring Clean Out and Scones

Fig Scones

I’m not sure, but it seems like my friends and I have turned into adults. In January it had been a long time — years possibly — since I stayed out till 2 am two-stepping at the not-so-local dance hall. The next morning I went to work. In January it had been an even longer time — more years possibly — since gathering round a backyard bonfire with friends dancing a fire dance. Though near midnight before going to bed I took a shower to wash out all the smokey smells. The next morning I went to work. Responsible thoughts of how late it was getting kept shaking its finger at the dance like there’s no tomorrow thoughts. Tomorrow kept shaking its head and laughing “but it’s been so long.”

I don’t mind being an adult most of the time. Fortunately, adults also get to make their own rules. Often responsible evenings home might be spent in catching up on unwatched TV shows instead of washing laundry, scrubbing the tub, dusting the furniture or filing taxes. When thinking of how to spend today’s day off I contemplated finally braving SXSW or purchasing the ingredients to make Guinness Chocolate Pudding, but instead looked around my apartment and decided on the very adult-like Spring Clean Out. Not even the dog was getting left out.

Top of the to-do list was using up the dried figs that had been sitting on the pantry shelf and the coconut milk lounging on the freezer door for embarrassingly too long. Some whole wheat flour stashed in the fridge since I don’t know when even made it in. I didn’t even cave to the temptation of adding in recently purchased chocolate chips. Bravo, adult Brynne. Bravo.

But no encore, I don’t plan on making this recipe again. The flavors didn’t really have anything to recommend them for the future. And I’m going to blame them for my Spring Clean Out Failure. Yup, shortly after the dog got his bath, I became too preoccupied by the gorgeous weather and forgot to get much of anything else done. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to see what’s on TV and scrounge up something to eat for dinner.

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