Life’s an Out of Control Roller Coaster. Enjoy the Ride.

Bebe Cupcakes

While driving to work early this morning, earlier than normal, I became stuck in traffic. For a moment I worried about it, the aggressive driver behind me, the cars madly switching lanes, then I saw the Ferris Wheel. When did that go up? The cars aren’t even attached yet. Oooh, and what’s that ride? Do they have one of those flippy things?

Then the entire carnival display was behind us. We all started driving at the speed limit. Without traffic I made up for lost time and realized that the traffic was caused by all of us gazing at the carnival rides. Every adult creeping along was also mesmerized by the Ferris Wheel being set up alongside the highway. At 8:30 am on a Wednesday we all wanted to be feeling the gut-suspending sensation of riding on the roller coaster.

I was one of them. Even though the past week…month has been a personal roller coaster. Between finding out that my credit card information was stolen, worrying that my blog was hacked and three years of loving work gone with it, the daily emotional ups and downs of my job, and other silent hopes and dreams I’ve been a little bit of an out of control roller coaster.

But, as I learned during a Ted Talk I watched as part of a welcome reprieve at work, I need to learn to lose control a little bit. Or maybe it was in the Ragan article…either way. The lesson is that I need to let loose. Have fun. Relax while enjoying the highs, lows, an loopey-loops.

Tonight instead of cooking a dinner of sauteed arugula with a poached egg, potatoes, and parsley pesto that would then turn into a post I went out with my lovely lady friend Felice, drank beer and ate a chicken sandwich with fries. No pictures included.

Not to leave you all hanging from a metal arm, suspended in midair, above is a picture of some blueberry yogurt muffins with sprinkles. Sprinkles are like the pinnacle of a roller coaster. These were supposed to be a Bringing up Bebe inspired post on patience. Likely, I’ll be making them again, perhaps at that time they will complete their loop.

Enjoy the picture. ‘Cause I need to look up ticket prices for the carnival now located off North 183. ‘Cause I need to lose control.


5 thoughts on “Life’s an Out of Control Roller Coaster. Enjoy the Ride.

  1. I like your metaphor of the Ferris Wheel with learning to let go a little. Do you find it funny that you and all the other adults were kids–even for just a second–to stop and marvel and the Ferris Wheel and all the promise of fun it brings? Kids are awesome how they live in the moment…that is something I know I often forget to do in the daily grind.

    Would love a recipe of what you had for dinner–as a vegetarian I am always looking for awesome recipes 😉


    • Both funny and sad — that we had to be adults instead rushing to work. I guess taking the moment is maybe what’s important here.


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