Do you like roasted acorn squash with arugula pesto? Tell me about it.

Acorn squash with arugula pesto

This post might seem like whining. It might seem like complaining about getting what I want. It isn’t either. Entirely. Finally, some months, ago, my corner of the internet started getting more attention, more views, more subscribers and lots more likes. I love the likes, but they didn’t correlate to the views. How is that possible? I pondered.

The WordPress Reader showed me the answer. At the top of each post’s snippet is a little “like” button. It’s clickable without anyone clicking into the rest of the post to read the whole thing. Why, I wonder, would you like something you haven’t read?

Sure, some are reading the blog, but even more aren’t. They’re clicking like to encourage views on their own site. Sure, some are reading the blog, but even more aren’t. (I think. If I correctly understand how the stats are tallied.)

This bothers me. A lot.

I especially love the likes that happen days or hours after a post is published. They, I think, read it. They really like the post.

Although, still in these situations, I wonder. Why doesn’t anyone say anything about the post? Sure, there are also more comments to go along with the views, visitors, and likes. But, not at the same rate.

What was their reaction? Their opinion? Funny or contemplative? Did I inspire or annoy?

And, too often, the commenter obviously didn’t read the post.

Then we are all back at the likes. Oh sigh.

I can acknowledge that this could be something to do with me, my writing, my pictures, my food choices. Is it?

Tell me, what are your thoughts? Do you like acorn squash with arugula pesto? What is your opinion on the like button? Are we all becoming too simple-minded? Oh, look, like. Next.

Personally, I thought the dish was good while also being a kind of a too simple throw together dish. In order to make it that extra special dish, it needs another flavor element. Oh, and I wish the like button would go away, just for a bit, for a trial run. Then we might enjoy a conversation. What are your thoughts on that?

One thought on “Do you like roasted acorn squash with arugula pesto? Tell me about it.

  1. Interesting food combo. Can you make it for me sometime? Not sure about the likes- I also wonder if it is so you will follow their work.


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