If you do not respond to this award your coffee chocolates will melt.

Coffee Chocolates

If you do not copy and mail this letter to 5 friends then, on the fifth day, you will trip into a dark hole, filled with hairy-legged spiders, with walls covered in poison ivy, and the top will be magically sealed with plastic wrap. I’m mostly certain this was the threat in the chain letter I sent to 5 childhood friends. Unsuspectingly I had opened the sealed envelope some days before. Now, I was participating in a twisted battle between self-preservation and protecting friends from the same fate.

A little more than 5 days later the same chain letter was again delivered to me. In the spirit of all well-crafted chains there must be reciprocation. Without the link the chain ends. Unwilling to again be the pawn of an unseen entity I became the dullard that broke the chain — on my side at least. What, I propose, is at the end of the chain?

These days there are ever so many choices out there for chains. A couple years back the popular one was recipe gift giving at Christmas — send a recipe to the person who sent you the email and then send the email on to 5 others. I received and responded to two and never received a recipe back.

This week I learned about chain awards. Several days ago I received an email from Trace in the Kitchen — Chronicles from a Cook in Training (she’s got a new site on the WordPress community with pretty pictures of scrumptious looking food and an annoyingly high number of commenters/likers/followers for being only 3 months old — probably because she’s a joiner and not a lurker like me, but getting back to the story) saying she had nominated me for a Liebster Award. Well, how cool and golly gee thanks. And what is that exactly?

According to the internet the Liebster award has no beginning and no end (but someone out there is changing the logo and changing the rules). From what I can gather if you are nominated you win. So thank you! Thank you!

To accept the award there are some things I must do. Okay so it’s not walking down a red carpet in a ball gown in front of millions of TV viewers, but here goes.

  • Post 11 fun facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions that were asked of you from your nominator
  • Nominate 11 up and coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) and ask them 11 questions
  • Go to their blog to share the great news

That actually seems like a lot of work and since the rules about numbers have changed over time…

Question 1) If you were on a deserted island, what three things would you take and why?
My cat Myrah and my dog Benny. Because they are my family, my source of laughter, my source of angst, and that means they would give me something to think about other than being on a deserted island. And a good book — maybe Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

Fun fact) If I weren’t out of room in my deserted island suitcase I’d be sure to include a ball gown.

Question 2) One place you’d love to visit that you haven’t yet? Patagonia.

Fun fact) The topics in my favorite National Geographic articles are: Patagonia, diamonds, and perfume. I don’t like diamonds and don’t care about perfume.

Question 3) What’s your ‘go to’ song or cd that you can’t live without?
Happy Together” by The Turtles.

Fun fact) I don’t own this song in any format what so ever.

Question 8) Favorite dish that you could just eat for days?

Chocolate. Chocolate in any of a million different concoctions.

Fun fact) I first heard of tempering chocolate by slowly adding chocolate pieces to already melted chocolate at last year’s Texas Book Festival. I was leaving because the pain medication prescribed following dental surgery had worn off yet, I stopped to watch Liz Gutman and Jen King (authors of The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook) make candy.

For today’s very special post I decided to attempt tempering for the first time — even though I didn’t write down the steps, left part of the way through, and may not have been fully aware. On a whim I decided to sprinkle some chopped espresso roast coffee beans into the bottom of the candy molds giving the finished chocolates a distressed appearance. Fortunately, chocolate and coffee are always good together.

Blogs I select to give the Liebster Award to:

In the category of nostalgia, genuine, good, and funny…

Harold the Astronaut

In the category of newest and how does she find the time for a ridiculous activity schedule…

Sweet T and Magnolias

In the category of reciprocation because this new blogger sent me one of the recipe chains…

Hey Food!

Questions for the award recipients)

What is your favorite punctuation mark?
If you didn’t have to work, what would you do?

3 thoughts on “If you do not respond to this award your coffee chocolates will melt.

  1. Congratulations!! I’m responding on the hopes that there could be non-melted chocolate in my future.


    • That can be arranged. Actually, I need to work on my tempering technique so they might be slightly melted. But! Chocolate can certainly be in your future. (And thank you for responding.)


  2. I’m commenting because I’m usually a lurker and not a joiner too. Congrats on the Leibby! You go woman! :).


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