Starring Blue Cheese Crackers

Blue Cheese Crackers

Appearing at the top of the highest marquee and written in a hundred of the buzziest lights the star of all stars…Blue Cheese Crackers. No longer the best friend to cheese. The side kick to dip. The supporting cast to peanut butter. Crackers will be the leading lady to their own life.

I’m even embarrassed to admit to myself that I kind of like The Holiday. The movie just isn’t good enough to really overcome itself. Certainly it will never become a classic like those the movie talks about. All the same, sometimes the story line clings to the front of my thoughts, unbidden. I blame Jack Black playing a role straight. And also Kate Winslet for playing a role that doesn’t leave me feeling sad. Mostly I blame Arthur Abbott’s motivational talk with Iris about being a leading lady instead of a best friend.

‘Cause I wonder if I am. Following a shameful analysis I’ve identified two thoughts to this line. The first is that Iris is, flat out, a leading lady and not a best friend. The second is Iris’s less confident thought of being a leading lady in the movie about your own life. It’s no less a strong character and it is a much more balanced role. I don’t expect to star in anyone else’s movie, but I, like Iris, would like for my own name to light up the billboard through the run of my show.

Crackers never get to be the star. These, however, would never have supported anything. Flaking, buttery, crumbs would have fallen through grasping fingers under the weight of any topping, but the blue cheese and cornmeal gave them the strength to stand on their own. This might just be one of the unmentioned qualities of a leading lady. A level of vulnerability hidden under a shiny allure prevents a character’s name from appearing as the “and with.”

I wonder if that at all describes me. Perhaps I’m too strong or too dull. Perhaps not. Perhaps The Holiday and its script are not worth such analyses. Perhaps I’m destined to play the character role instead — those crackers in which seeds, grains, or herbs give the toppings some of their flavor. That wouldn’t be such a bad place on the marquee.

Whatever the answer, in the search for a place in the meaning of one’s life at some point it would be a good idea to spend some time making crackers instead of buying the box.


2 thoughts on “Starring Blue Cheese Crackers

  1. No doubts here–you’re a star! And those crackers look ahhh-mazing.

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog, even though there’s another blog that misses you sorely… Hope you’re doing well!


    • So nice to hear from you Stacey! Tell the other blog I miss it too and wish it a happy anniversary, err…birthday.


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