Cherry Apricot Crisp From Beginning to End

Cherry Apricot Crisp

The end of The Graduate has always bothered me. I don’t care for it at all. Not because it isn’t an end, but because it tries not to be an end. It takes itself and all movies too seriously.

In order to watch a movie, read a book, partake in the fictional you suspend belief. Just not permanently. Obviously. Of course no end is really the end. Think back on your own life for a moment. Think of all the ends — the end of a job, the end of school, the end of a relationship. Did you always know what was going to happen the next day?

Wait, you didn’t right — that isn’t just me?

Think of all the beginnings — the beginning of a new job, of school, of a relationship. Think of all the beginnings that happened after an end.

Think of Harry Potter. Think of Cherry Apricot Crisp.

I’ve probably lost everyone now that I’m muddled in the middle so I’ll elaborate on the last first. A crisp — with fruit and oatmeal — contains all that is needed from breakfast to dessert. While eating a fruit crisp you might wonder where you are in the day. Instead, I hope you think that it is totally awesome to be able to eat breakfast for dessert and dessert for breakfast.

Now for the first. Ever so many articles talk about how J.K. Rowling wrote the end first. Which makes it both the finish and the start to the years that Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the rest entertained us. I could also argue that taking place years after the first end of the last book it’s the second end. Or is it the eighth end? Well, anyway.

So yeah — I do not like The Graduate’s ending. Well, duh, I want to say to the movie. And I really don’t care for that word. Because every ending is a beginning. Every beginning is an ending. All that matters is which story you want to hear.

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