Cold’s Summer Vegetable Soup

Cold's Summer Soup

Deity of Summer Colds, please hear this prayer. I do not want to be sick any more. From my head to my shoulders please give me soothing comfort instead of raw, blistering pain. Let the hacking coughs that overtake me, guffing coughs poorly tamed and all those in between leave my body quiet. The dripping nasal passages be gone.

Bring back the energy to stay awake to see the stars. Let me relax in the late morning sun instead of tugging the sheets over my head. Allow the cat to rest beside me in peace. Help the dog to splash in the water on a hike by granting me these wishes.

You’re bequest will not be wasted, Deity of Summer Colds, for I want to play; to swim and drink beer. I want to look left or right without coughing over the movement. I want to sleep on my back instead of sitting upright. I want to breath without…

pausing from the heavyness….

in my chest.

In supplication I offer up this Vegetable Tortellini Soup. See the carrots — carefully hand cut, the zucchini — gently sliced, the snow peas — prewashed*. Savor the spinach cheese tortellini. Remember the lightly seasoned broth. Consider how I sought out a quick hot soup that I could shop for and prepare while under the influences of a summer cold.

Please, grant me this wish.

*I was starting to think that snow peas and sugar snap peas had disappeared from the stores until I realized they only seem to be available in packages.

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